Our Difference

our difference

Give students with learning differences the skills and strategies to succeed on their own.


We exist to provide progressive educational services in a safe and student-centered environment for bright, motivated students who learn differently. We accomplish this by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect among students and staff, while strengthening each student’s self-esteem and leading them toward their maximum potential. We ensure the success of our students not only in the classroom, but beyond by equipping them with the skills and confidence to take their talents to the world around them.



we believe

• All students can learn.

• Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

• Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

• Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches and resources to support their learning.

• Curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate differences in learning styles.

• A student’s self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.

• The commitment to continuous improvement is basic to helping students become life-long learners.

our students

Instructing Individuals

Every student has an individual way of learning. And by utilizing the “Schools Attuned” concepts of the All Kinds of Minds Institute, we can identify the way a student processes information to create a personalized management plan for each child. The result is the student gains insight and language to more effectively deal with strengths and weaknesses. And our school average student/teacher ratio of 7:1 ensures that no child is lost in the crowd.

Quality Programming

An integrated self-discipline program with an emphasis on building healthy self-esteem permeates the School’s academic programming. Accreditation through AdvancED ensures that the Hill School curriculum provides quality, reputable programming in all academic areas with a consideration of specific student needs in Reading, English, Written Expression and Mathematics.

Rediscover Joy

Hill School students learn to love learning again! In the classroom, our students rediscover the joy and empowerment that comes from mastering new skills and understanding new ideas. The Hill School classroom mindfully provides rigorous, challenging instruction, while acknowledging the inherent struggle that “school” presents for children who learn differently. We strive to maintain a balance of pushing students to achieve their potential through intervention and remediation while making independent learning accessible. Confidence and a love for learning are built in both ways.

Balancing Student Life

Our student’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development set the foundation of every thing we offer. In addition to our strong academic programs, we offer numerous opportunities for a well-rounded school experience. Athletics, fine arts, extracurricular clubs and organizations enrich student life and provide creative and physical outlets.



Hill School’s precursor established:

a tutorial service with a single teacher and a single student.


Hill School incorporated as a for-profit private school, housed in a one room-facility on McCart Avenue in south Fort Worth.


Continued enrollment growth prompts move to converted house on Lubbock Street.


Lucille Helton hired as Executive Director.

Five new teachers hired; one still part of our faculty team.


Hill School of Fort Worth, Inc. receives non-profit designation.


Launch of Phase I of the “Building a Brighter Future” Capital Campaign, a $2,000,000 fundraising drive to help relocate the school.


A new school is built on Odessa Avenue, not far from the campus of Texas Christian University.


The Board of Trustees purchases additional land and kicks off the $1.7 million Phase II of the capital campaign to further expand the school.


Remodeled middle school classrooms and a second computer lab are completed.


A state-of-the-art Cafetorium (cafeteria and auditorium) is completed. Additional capital campaign money is set aside for expansion and further renovation of the middle school.


Hill School adds a 9th grade class with the intent of adding a new high school grade every year.


High School building added along with a third computer lab.


Upon Lucille Helton’s retirement, Greg Owens follows as Executive Director.


Hill School named a National Exemplary School by the All Kinds of Minds Institute.


First senior class graduates from the new Hill High School.


Hill High School reaches capacity enrollment after only five years of operation.


Hill Parent Association annual auction restarted as major community fundraiser.


Summer at Hill instituted as an enrichment and exploration program, open to Hill students and the community at large.


Hill School named a National School of Distinction by All Kinds of Minds Institute.


1:1 initiative began.


Fort Worth Campus extends its programming to include 1st grade. Audrey Boda-Davis succeeds Greg Owens as Executive Director.


Hill School renews accreditation through AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – marking 25 years of being an accredited school. Hill School of Fort Worth celebrates its 40th Anniversary by re-invigorating the Hill School Foundation, an endowment fund, with an $80,000 commitment from the school.


Hill School adds dual credit programming for upperclassmen in partnership with Texas Wesleyan University.


Hill School engages in an intensive, collaborative, strategic planning initiative with families, alumni, educational experts, and the Fort Worth community to build a plan to carry the school into the future.


Hill School adds kindergarten programming. Upon Audrey Boda-Davis’ retirement, Roxann Breyer is named Head of School.