working at Hill School

Working at Hill School is incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and challenging in an environment that promotes the highest care, support and nurturing. Serving our 138 students in K-12, Hill School is dedicated to providing progressive educational services in a safe and student-centered environment for bright, motivated students who learn differently. Our efforts embody our core values of engagement, partnership, opportunity, determination, and independence for students who have struggled in traditional learning environments.

2020 – 2021

Currently Accepting Applications

Hill School is currently looking to hire four exceptionally talented, determined, and demonstrably experienced faculty to our every growing passionate team of educators. Job openings include in the English and Reading Department, History Department, Math Department, and Science Department. For those interested in applying for one of these positions, please send a valid cover letter and resume to Joanna Gant, Hill School’s Business Manager, at jgant@hillschool.org. For full descriptions of each position along with the required qualifications, please see the links below.

Middle and Upper School Reading and English Teacher

Middle and Upper School History Teacher

Middle and Upper School Math Teacher

Middle and Upper School Science Teacher

Engagement and Communications Specialist